"She is the most powerful controller of elements I know, and she was a great mentor when Anemus Folley was still populated." -Khrissa Arytysse Vannette, on the subject of Elesiras




Khazevas - At first feeling great contempt towards her sister after a lust for more power consumed her temporarily, Elesiras verbally expressed her hatred for Khazevas' greed. As time progressed, Elesiras bore witness to just how much Virzias still loved, and cared for, her sister. Because of this, Elesiras soon realized just how "corrupt" she had become herself. She then stopped expressing her contempt, and it soon faded completely, replaced by guilt for her actions. Too afraid to ever truly confront Khazevas to apologize, Elesiras instead attempted to stop Aeikere from verbally attacking Khazevas. After Virzias passed, Elesiras attempted to befriend Khazevas, but to no avail. When Aeikere murdered Khazevas in cold blood, to simply put an end to her, Elesiras immediately confronted him and attacked him, beginning a battle between the two. The battle was short, and Elesiras, not corrupted by her hatred, was able to overpower, strike down, and kill Aeikere. Following this, she cradled Khazevas' body in her arms, crying into her lifeless body and screaming her overdue apologies to the sky.

Khrissa Arytysse Vannette - Many years after Khazevas' unfortunate passing, Elesiras was visiting her grave in the Tomb of Ancient's Eternity when a young Aneman girl approached, alone, and stared down at the grave. Elesiras looked at the girl, then asked what her name was, and why she was there. The girl stated her name, Khrissa Arytysse Vannette, and explained why she was there. Elesiras saw a bit of Khazevas in Khrissa, and then explained Khazevas' life to the girl, along with advanced knowledge of Quadrian Arts. Fascinated, young Khrissa wanted to know more about Elesiras' Art. Shocked at first, Elesiras graciously offered to teach Khrissa the Art.

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