"I know for a fact that, even though we have been cursed with evil renown, we can be, and are, just as pure as all other Quadrians. We must show them our potential." -Ezehera, speaking to fellow Anemans

A greatly famous Aneman Leader, and mother of both Repheras and Jysaphra Vannette, Ezehera was the second best Aneman Leader in the history of Quadruss, seconded by Khazevas herself. Not much is spoken of Ezehera, nor is much known of her other than her legacy. Repheras and Hallowmere's formal ways of speaking are from Ezehera, who had an extremely formal way of speaking, and was formal in many other senses as well.




Khazevas - Ezehera was first discovered by Khazevas when she was very young and training in an Aneman Combat Academy. Because of her apparent weakness due to several Affliction mutations, she didn't think Khazevas would even look at her. Khazevas did notice her, and told young Ezehera that, despite her mutations, she had extreme potential, and then decided to take Ezehera in as a personal apprentice. With excellent training, a safe place to stay, and the support she received from Khazevas, Ezehera grew into a great leader. After Khazevas' passing, and the next Aneman Leader's passing, Ezehera swiftly ascended to her new position as the next Aneman Leader, verbally stating that she "owed her success to Khazevas".

Virzias - Ezehera first met Virzias when she was brought, by Khazevas, to a mandatory meeting of the First Quadrians. After the meeting, Ezehera verbalized her great admiration of Virzias and her Art, to which Virzias thanked her and mentioned Ezehera's potential under the apprenticeship of Khazevas. Virzias eventually helped Khazevas train Ezehera for battle, allowing Ezehera to fluently master two Quadrian Arts instead of one. To Ezehera, Virzias is somewhat akin to an elder sister, as well as a mentor.


  • Ezehera had a firm belief that Anemans were wrongly accused of being unholy. She also was strongly against blaming Khazevas for her corruption of power lust, claiming that "it happens solely to the best entities".
  • Despite seeming strongly against other Quadrian races, Ezehera, according to Hallowmere, greatly enjoyed the Zataran race, and was a good friend of one of the Zataran Leaders.
  • Ezehera was believed to have been both the creator of, and first user of Khazevas Blades, which later became known as "Khizasers", or "Conduit Blades".

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