"...a most beautiful girl, in my own opinion. Not only that, she was the kindest sister anyone could have hoped for..." -Repheras S. Vannette

The long lost elder sister of Repheras Sinystris Vannette, Jysaphra, now known to all only by her new name, "Hallowmere", makes her appearance early in the first TWOTV book, crashing down near Repheras' house in the mountains of Castrellis. Discovered by Zyrlani Vannette, and her adopted sister Mirdrera Hirsayas, Hallowmere attacks the two, not knowing whether or not they were enemies. Later on, when Repheras, his eldest daughter Khrissa Arytysse Vannette, and Venrya Dynirys (Khrissa's husband) return to the house, Repheras is extremely shocked at the sight of his elder sister, whom he rushes over to and swiftly hugs tightly.


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  • Hallowmere was introduced later in the development than Repheras.
  • Hallowmere was originally a cursed area hidden in the dreams of Quadrians (which could corrupt said Quadrians with the Hallowmere Virus), was later introduced as a villain, but was then reintroduced as an ally, after her former ally, Statizarr Ekteseyra.
  • Hallowmere is the only character in the series who has an Affliction of her own at disposal, which only she can use and spread.
  • Hallowmere can clearly represent Halloween, with her similar name and orange/black color scheme. This was unintentional.
  • Hallowmere knows the most about Revenants and Riresaiynts of all the characters in TWOTV, seconded by Volkras.
  • Hallowmere is taller than Repheras, at around 11 feet tall. She is also older than him, by around 800,000-900,000 years.
  • Hallowmere is incapable of using any Weapons other than her Malformed Weapons (ex. Hallow Glade, a Rharisyler). This is due to the fact that her Representation had her Representation cursed and corrupted while she was lost, making her not only radiate Catalytic Energy, but also rendered her being incapable of wielding a "pure" Weapon.
  • Hallowmere's weapons are proven to be corrupted. Hallowmere had once allowed Volkras to study her Rharisyler, Hallow Glade, and he found that the very molecular structure of the Weapon was created from her former unholy desire for power.

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