"A most unholy entity, she is. Despite being my kin, I do not accept her. Power is not something that one should strive solely for; it is earned with time and perseverance." -Aeikere, on the subject of Khazevas




Virzias - After Khazevas became corrupted by her lust for power, and after she regained her senses, Virzias was happy to have her back, regardless of her newfound corruption. When Aeikere and Elesiras aggressively verbalized their hatred of Khazevas' greed, Virzias defended, even more aggressively than Aeikere and Elesiras, her sister, then called them the corrupt ones for verbally assaulting their sister. Following that incident, and before their new realms were created, Virzias spent the majority of her time with Khazevas, often going with her wherever she went. When Virzias came down with Revir-Esyrs, Khazevas stayed by her side till the end, consoling her to the best of her ability. Upon Virzias' passing, Khazevas felt extreme sorrow, but thanks to her, she had the strength to continue on, until her own death due to being struck down and killed by Aeikere.

Elesiras - At first, after Khazevas became corrupted, Elesiras greatly despised her. As time went on, and Elesiras witnessed just how much Virzias cared for her, Elesiras began to start caring for her sister once again. She soon realized just how "corrupt" she herself had become, and made an effort to attempt to stop Aeikere from verbally attacking Khazevas. Elesiras began to try and become more friendly with Khazevas after Virzias passed, but Khazevas mostly rejected her out of her own contempt towards Elesiras. When Aeikere murdered Khazevas, Elesiras was shocked, and immediately struck him down and killed him in return.


  • Khazevas is the third female of the First Quadrians. The other two include Elesiras and Virzias.
  • Virzias was the only one of the First Quadrians to stay by Khazevas' side, defending her from the verbal assaults of both Aeikere and Elesiras, who hated Khazevas the most. Before their realms were created, Virzias would always console Khazevas whenever she felt down, acting as an excellent sister. This kindness appears to be repaid in present day Quadruss, with Khrissa Arytysse Vannette, an Aneman, acting as a protective elder sister to her adopted sister, the Zataran, Mirdrera Hirsayas.

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