"...a Curse beyond imagination. The power she held, without control, was limitless, she could have ended our very creation in an instant. I had to stop her." - Aeikere's memories

A very powerful corruption, Khazevas' Curse, known more commonly as the Power Curse, allows the user power and semi-complete control over Khazevas Energy. Though the Curse is no longer as powerful as it was when Khazevas once possessed it, it is still formidably powerful.




Only two Quadrians still possess the Power Curse; Venyra Dynirys and Mirdrera Hirsayas. Each of them have their own powers drawn from the Curse.

Venyra's powers are as follows:

  • Zephyr Bash - Venyra will activate the Zephyr in his cursed arm, then will rocket his fist forward, collecting Catalytic Energy as the fist flies. If the attack collides, an outward explosion of Catalyst Zephyr will erupt, knocking his opponent away.
  • Conduit Assault - Venyra charges up Khazevas Energy and Catalytic Energy, then lunges forward, forming a blade or spear, then plunges it into his enemy, causing an explosion of the collected Energy.
  • Zephyr Storm - Venyra will activate his Zephyr, combining it with Khazevas Energy, then will gather surrounding Catalytic Energy. The Zephyr and Catalytic Energy will mix, and the Khazevas Energy will propel it forward in the form of a jagged beam of destructive energy. The beam explodes and sends splintered Zephyr outwards if charged enough.

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