" not underestimate her, she may not seem like much, but Mirdrera is entirely capable of destroying an entire army..." -Venyra Dynirys, to Zystyr


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  • Behind Volkras, Mirdrera has been in the development of TWOTV second longest, added not long after Volkras first was, near the very beginning of the development.
  • Before she was renamed, Mirdrera was named "Stacy Shadow".
  • Mirdrera has suffered the most hardships of all the characters.
  • Mirdrera is the author's favorite character from TWOTV, followed closely by Repheras S. Vannette.
  • Mirdrera was possibly the weakest character in TWOTV Lore, before she was infected with Revir-Esyrs (which she alone survived), and became the newest Alpha Apex Zataran.
  • Mirdrera's Zataran Plating is the hardest in existence, able to shatter weaker Weapons when struck.
    • Despite the invincibility of her Plating, there have been several cases of battles where she actually had her Plating cracked.
  • Mirdrera received Revir-Esyrs from a Riresaiynt known as "Keyrisaleyrala", whom was actually one of the first living Quadrians, Virzias.
  • Originally, Mirdrera was the shortest of the characters of TWOTV.
    • This title has since been taken by Zyrlani Vannette, Repheras' youngest daughter.
  • Despite the fact that "Hirsayas" may sound like a Japanese name, it is confirmed to not be.
  • In the ancient language Shadorian, the name "Mirdrera" means "murderer" or "monster".
  • Mirdrera's transformation into Virzias' willing vessel was written in an Ancient Shadorian scroll. The quote is as follows; "Nixalaze uryas ythes ryvezi hekeza trazyr eyzens ythes Setyrazei Kezarisaz, esera hezelea.", which means "None of the mortals shall stand against the Seventh Conduit, she hunts.".
    • The quote, in Ancient Shadorian, is quite hard to pronounce as an entire quote without first learning how to pronounce the words.
    • The quote is pronounced as follows: Nixalaze (knee-sah-lays) uryas (uhr-ahs) ythes (ih-thehs) ryvezi (reh-veh-zi) hekeza (heh-kay-zah) trazyr (trah-zer) eyzens (a-zens) ythes (ih-thehs) Setyrazei (Seh-tera-zai) Kezarisaz (Keh-zahr-eh-sahs) esera (eh-serah) hezelea (heh-zeh-la).
  • Before Virzias' Revenant leaves her for personal reasons, it is proven that Mirdrera's power was in fact utilized from Virzias. To remedy this, Virzias and Khazevas work together to perform a special power ritual that bestows Khazevas' Power Curse on Mirdrera.
    • The Power Curse, despite having driven chaos into the First Quadrians' relations, does not give Mirdrera a bad reputation.
    • The Power Curse changed Mirdrera's personality, removing the "misery" of Revir-Esyrs from her body and soul, but seemingly didn't create a Revenant. This may be due to the fact that her new power is latent, and was released by the Revenants of two of the First Quadrians.
    • Venyra's arm carries this same Power Curse, which allows him to use Khazevas Energy in attacks from that arm.

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