"There are several different Quadrian Arts, to my understanding. I was told that it is entirely possible to combine two or more in attack styles, but I have not yet seen a case of this." -Venyra, explaining Quadrian Arts to Repheras

Quadrian Arts are special attack styles used by Quadrians, created by the First Shadorians. They differ in many aspects, including, but not limited to: usage of Catalytic Energy, overall attack speed, and use of physical or magical attacks.

Aeikere, Art Of WeaponsEdit

(pronounced Ee-care)

An Art especially skilled in wielding and controlling many different types of Weapons. First created by the first of the First Shadorians, Aeikere. As skill in this Art is built upon, more and more Weapons will become available for total control. The most famous Masters of this Art are as follows: Master Aeikere, Teraxis, Mirtenyser, and Venyra Dynirys.

  • Master Aeikere was the first user, and creator of, the Art.
  • Teraxis was a legendary Aeikere Master, with control over not one, but two Pinnacle Legendary Weapons. These weapons, the last of their kind, disappeared with Teraxis.
  • Mirtenyser was the only Aeikere Master able to actually physically transform into a Weapon.
  • Venyra Dynirys was the first Aeikere Master able to pull Weapons from his physical body, and was the first to collect over six of the Legendary Weapons.

Aeikere Masters have several different classifications, arranged based on overall power.

  • Weapons Expert - The most basic form of Aeikere, this form can use up to three different(types or quantity) of Weapons.
  • Weapons Master - A more advanced form of Aeikere, this form can use up to five different (types or quantity) Weapons.
  • Weapons Grandmaster - The second most advanced form of Aeikere, this form can use up to eight different (types or quantity) Weapons.
  • Weapons God - The strongest and most advanced form of Aeikere, this form can use anywhere between nine and fourteen different (types or quantity) Weapons.

Elesiras, Art of ElementsEdit

(pronounced Eh-lay-sehr-as)


Virzias, Art Of SwiftnessEdit


Mahkizere, Art Of MachineryEdit


Zivazus, Art Of PuppeteeringEdit


Khazevas, Art Of ConduitsEdit

A mostly forgotten Art that is able to fluently control both Catalytic Energy and Zephyr. This Art first originated from the Sixth of the First Quadrians. When she was alive, Khazevas was corrupted almost entirely by a lust for power, rendering her unable to remain with the other five First Quadrians. Because of this, the users of Khazevas were considered outcasts, and mostly had to flee from their homes. Despite this, users of Khazevas gathered together in secret, under the leadership of several leaders, including Khazevas herself. Today, not many true Khazevas users still exist, and all of them are descendants of Anemans. The most famous users of Khazevas are listed below:

  • Master Khazevas formed the Art, and is infamously known to have given the Art its unholy reputation. She also created Anemus Folley as a sanctuary for her followers.
  • Lady Ezehera Kizaora Vannette was the first great Aneman Leader after Khazevas. She possessed the unique ability to "generate" large amounts of Catalytic Energy around her body, able to use the same energy in her attacks.


  • Quadrian Arts are a more recent addition to the development of TWOTV.
  • Originally, Quadrian Arts went solely by the name of what they were represented by (ex. Weapons Expertise, Puppetteerism, etc.).
  • Repheras S. Vannette has control of most Quadrian Arts, with expertise with them varying.
  • Teraxis is a direct descendant of Aeikere.
  • Venyra was the first Aeikere Master to possess over fourteen different Weapons, at a grand total of around 50. These Weapons, which included a Pinnacle Legendary, all either mysteriously vanished, or were deconstructed by Venyra in order to gain a greater Zephyr/Catalyst Arsenal.

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