"...a whole new domain, we have found a whole new domain. Such beauty in these new worlds, but alas, it is not Anemus Folley..." -Repheras Sinystris Vannette, to allies upon discovering Quadruss

A mostly peaceful and tranquil collection of worlds, Quadruss is a vast realm comprised of four different worlds, each with their own unique inhabitant species.


Castrellis, also known as the World of Magic, is the most pristine of the worlds. From this World hail Masters of the Quadrian Art Elesiras, who control the many elements of Castrellis and Quadruss.


Zistoran, also known as the World of Combat, is in the worst physical condition of the Worlds, due to it being the first of the Worlds to come into existence as a world known as Shadoria. From this World hail the Masters of the Quadrian Art Aeikere, who are extremely skilled with all normal types of Weapons.


Dirsas, also known as the World Of Machinery, is a world vastly comprised of machinery. Dirsans, particularly an Aneman named Volkras (who altered his Representation Pattern to fit in with the Dirsans), are responsible for many inventions which aid almost every Quadrian (with the exception of the majority of the Zataran race).


Zatara, also known as the World Of Wilds, is a world covered in dense greenery, making it easier for its inhabitants, the Zatarans, to hunt. From this World hail the Masters of the Quadrian Art Virzias, who are swift and deadly, akin to assassins.

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