"Do you recall, by any chance, the legends of the first Shadorians? Specifically, do you know of the creator of the Quadrian Art of Virzias?" -Keyrisaleyrala, on the subject of Virzias

First mentioned by Mirdrera in the TWTOTV: Chronicles Of Darkness Remastered story, "Horror Of Revir-Esyrs", as Keyrisaleyrala, Virzias' true identity was unknown until it was revealed who she really was (and is) in a later story in TWOTV: CODR.






  • Virzias was the first of her kin to die, after being attacked by beings similar to what Revenants would become, which caused her to contract the first ever case of Revir-Esyrs.
  • Virzias became both the first real Revenant and Riresaiynt.
  • Zatarans may be descendants of Virzias, considering they all possess greater speed and strength than most of the other present races. This has not been confirmed, however.

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