"Why is she so small... AAAGH! AAAAAAAAGH! OH MASTERS, GET HER OFF OF ME!" -Unknown, attacked by Zyrlani

A abnormally small Virzias Zataran, Zyrlani is a force to be reckoned with. Although small in stature, her speed is insanely incredible, easily topping off even Mirdrera's top speed. She attacks with specially modified Rharisylers, known as Scintysylers. Because she is much younger and inexperienced than the current best Art Masters (ex. Venyra, Khrissa), she is unable to face them in a battle alone and win.


  • Zyrlani was added later in development, after a story about Zystyr becoming corrupt had been written. The story can be found on the author's Wattpad, in the older stories of TWOTV, The Weapons Of The Void: Chronicles Of Darkness.
  • Zyrlani and Mirdrera are quite similar in appearance, and somewhat similar in personality.
  • Zyrlani is reported to be the only Quadrian to have a case of Zeyrves, the Affliction of Youth, in many, many years.
    • Zyrlani's small stature, child-like voice, and parts of her personality are all due to Zeyrves. It is unknown how she contracted it.
  • Though she isn't considered one of the true main characters, she is a main character.

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